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My creative brain is always on. By using my imagination and creative problem solving techniques, I can quickly come up with many new ideas and concepts for problems or chances. Very little is needed to trigger me in thinking creatively. I just love going all the way when diverging in ideas. It fascinates me how some sparks in the things around you can serve as inspiration in later design work

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When I need to know something, I will always get to the bottom of it. I use this curiosity to set-up, analyse and evaluate scientific and explorative research. I love user-centred research in which you talk to and cooperate with the user and target group. Due to this analytical side of me, I am able to quickly pinpoint what is most important from an overload of information in every situation.



I believe information is not worth anything when you are not able to transfer this to your target audience. I am able to communicate my thoughts, ideas, designs or opinions via presentations, digital media (e.g. video), sketches, professional reports and real-life discussions. I have a strong and funded opinion and will always try to communicate this the best way possible.